Friday, October 20, 2017

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I can't afford to fix my car. Will California help?

The State of California Bureau of Automotive Repair can help repair your vehicle. Receive up to $500 in FREE smog diagnosis and repairs through the Consumer Assistance Program (CAP). CAP is designed to help consumers bring their vehicles into compliance with California emission standards. Through the CAP, the State will pay the CAP repair shop you choose up to $500.00 dollars for emissions related repair work performed on your vehicle. If you need help getting your smog test failing car, truck, SUV, Van, and even your motorhome repaired, complete a CAP application today. Download our online California Consumer Assistance Program application now.

You may be eligible for this repair assistance through either of these two categories:

Smog Tips

Go here for smog check tips:

Smog Check Facts

Since 1968 the state of California has mandated many changes in regards to the smog check program. The first smog check equipment in 1974 cost $1,400 and the smog certificate was 25 cents. The new smog check equipment costs $50,000 and Smog certificate is $8.25.


Tips to help you save gas

Help California keep our air clean and keep your vehicle up to par so that it passes the it required smog check. Keeping your vehicle serviced and maintained is the perfect start to a cleaner running vehicle.

Check your owners manual for recommended service schedules, and enjoy the benefits of a longer lasting, smoother running vehicle.

  • Change engine oil-and change air, oil and fuel filters-at the manufacturer’s suggested intervals
  • Perform all other service and maintenance at manufacturer’s suggested intervals.
  • Check tire pressure frequently
  • Check tire condition for abnormal wear patterns
  • Inspect hoses, wiring and belts regularly
  • Service engine promptly when warning lights appear
  • Never modify your vehicle’s emission control system

Consider a Pre-Inspection Test: If you’re not sure whether your vehicle will pass its required smog check, you can ask a licensed smog check technician about a pre-inspection test. A pre-inspection test helps diagnose any potential emissions-related problems, giving you a chance to make necessary repairs before your vehicle undergoes an official Smog Check.